Bethesda have a good touch at telling good story with several side quest that hold as much fun and meaning as the main story, the same can be said for fallout 4 quest. these are the 10 most impact quest in Fallout 4. 10 Best Side Quest in Fallout 4


10. The Lost Patrol

Even an entire squad of hardened, power armour-clad Brotherhood Of Steel paladins can succumb to the harsh nature of Fallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.

9. Emergent Behaviour

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8. Curtain Call

Curtain Call’s likely to be one of the very first side missions you pick up on your merry jaunt across post-apocalyptic America, but don’t expect it to be an easy one to complete.

7. Cambridge Polymer Labs

Fancy playing a very dangerous game of dress up? Take a stroll over to the Cambridge Polymer Labs in the middle of the map and that’s just what you’ll get to do. As soon as you walk through the building’s front door, you’ll be greeted by Molly – a Miss Nanny robot who thinks you’re here for a job.

6. The Secret Of Cabot House

The Secret Of Cabot House nails Fallout’s zanier science fiction side to a tee. While residents of the wider Fallout world contend with day-to-day living in an inhospitable wasteland of radiation, raiders and Deathclaws, the Cabot family is living life as if the Great War never happened; residing in the pristine family home that appears untouched by war.

5. The Devil’s Due

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4. Human Error

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3. Hole In The Wall

Vaults are like giant treasure troves begging to be looted. Unopened, they’re home to untold amounts of pristine pre-war technology that have remained untouched by time over the last 200 years. Opened, they’re still worthy of being stripped clean – you’ll just have to fight for the spoils with raiders or monsters.

2. The Silver Shroud

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1. Last Voyage Of The USS Constitution

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I find that the Last voyage is possibly the funniest quest in Fallout 4, I couldn’t control my laughter when playing this. it has quite the impact way to affect the player when the ques is done. 10 Best Side Quest in Fallout 4