10 BEST Video Game Success Stories

10 BEST Video Game Success Stories


When picking up a new Game you are knowledgeable enough to know how well its success is, this could come from its trailer or remarks before release. Some Games become so Successful they even surprise there Creators. 10 BEST Video Game Success Stories 

source: gamerant.com

Final Fantasy


The Final Fantasy series is the most well-known JRPG franchise in video game history, and the Square Enix series has been a huge factor in gaming for decades. However, this has not always been the case, and even though the series holds a huge place in gaming, its success at the outset was much less certain than its current status may suggest. What’s more, it was all written out in the game’s name.



Not every game has the same clout as the Final Fantasy series, but that doesn’t mean that the successes of smaller projects are any less impressive. One such example is that of Undertale, the quirky, retro-styled RPG that launched in 2015. Barely heard about prior to its release, the game quickly became one of the most talked about games of the year.

Flappy Bird


Not every game’s success is necessarily earned. That’s certainly the case with Flappy Bird, the mobile sensation that became a must-have app back in early 2014. The title became a pop culture phenomenon due to its frustrating but simple gameplay, and was one of the most talked about games of the year.

Pokemon GO


Flappy Bird is not the only mobile title to take the world by storm, however, and this year its place as perhaps the most unexpected mobile game hit was quite easily displaced. This is down to the launch of Pokemon GO. Although many expected Pokemon GO to be successful, it’s the level of popularity that the game has received that has been so surprising, beating Candy Crush to become the biggest mobile game in US history

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight Amiibo Confirmed, Unlocks Co-Op Mode - Shovel Knight and other characters

Although the crowdfunding of games has sometimes been a controversial topic, as seen with the disappointment of Mighty No. 9, sometimes sites such as Kickstarter have managed to fund some incredible games. One of the biggest success stories of crowdfunding is Shovel Knight. The retro platformer had a modest funding target of $75,000, but ended up reaching $311,502 by the end of its campaign.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddys

Prior to the release of Five Nights at Freddy’s, developer Scott Cawthon had hardly received a good reception from the gaming masses. Cawthon had released a wide variety of games before he struck gold with the horror title, but none of the games had received positivity from players. Instead, some of the criticism had been vocal, in particular with regards to the unnerving features of the characters Cawthon had created.


Minecraft cover

Although creator Notch may now live in a multimillion dollar mansion, the Minecraft developer had much more humble beginnings. Indeed, the game itself started off in the most inauspicious of ways, with gamers welcomed to purchase the title while in its early access form. Of course, that wouldn’t last for long, with the game eventually becoming a huge phenomenon



Built with love and a modest budget, Braid has become synonymous with the creativity that can be found within the indie game circuit. Merging together a beautiful art style, a haunting story, and mind-bending puzzle gameplay, the title from Jonathan Blow captured the hearts and minds of many gamers upon its release in 2008.

Demon’s Souls


When Demon’s Souls was released in 2009, the PS3 exclusive flew in the face of the current trends of AAA gaming. Combining an otherworldly story with extremely high difficulty, the title had ‘cult smash’ written all over it, but a great critical reception helped propel the game to the next level.

The Sims


It’s hard to think of The Sims as anything other than Electronic Arts’ money-spinning life simulation series. It’s somewhat surprising, then, that the publisher was dubious over exactly how successful the original title would be. Maxis’ original The Sims was only given an initial sales projection of 160,000 copies sold, with some concern over how much interest the game would have.

These are incredible stories of how a well planned and executed game could lead to a multi-million  Contract of Success! If you have any more stories to add Let us Know. 10 BEST Video Game Success Stories