10 Best Video Games you Must Play

10 Best Video Games you Must Play


Whenever you watch a good film or series it gets under your skin dosent it? it lingers there way after it is done and the viewers just cant get enough, the same can be said for video games here are the best 10 Video Games to play. 10 Best Video Games you Must Play

source: theguardian.com

1) Red Dead Redemption

‘The pre-ending left me shocked and numb’.

2) Grim Fandango

3) The Witcher 3

‘After the credits close it puts you back into the open world, alone.’

4) The Last of Us

‘You just don’t want to admit it’s over’

5) Skyrim

Skyrim: loyal dogs ahoy.

6) Mass Effect 3

7) GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas.

8) Bioshock 2

9) Shadow of the Colossus

10) The Secret of Monkey Island 2

When finishing many of these master pieces you might put down the controller and aimlessly walk around your living room for a couple of hours. These games made us feel something and that is why they had such an impact on us. if you have any other games in mind leave a comment below. 10 Best Video Games you Must Play