10 Tv Shows That Would Be Badass Video Games.

10 Tv Shows That Would Be Badass Video Games.


As we said many many time video games don’t mix well with many things, but you could and probably do mix well with some Tv shows  so here are a few Tv shows that might make some badass video games.

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The Blacklist

The Blacklist has a ton of video game potential! Rather than try and fit everyone from the show into a game, I’d suggest narrowing the focus. For example, one possibility could feature Agent Ressler and Agent Navabi working alongside the notorious Raymond Redding crossing off the worlds greatest criminals from the Blacklist. Another possibility would be taking on the role of Tom Keen before he met Elizabeth Keen. Or my favorite possibility would be focusing on a younger Raymond Redding as he rises to power.

The Blacklist (whichever variation developers choose) would play like Splinter Cell.

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Netflix’s recent string of Marvel shows have been pretty damn good, so it only stands to reason at least one of them should feature on this list! My suggestion? Daredevil. Take on the role of Matt Murdock/Daredevil as you protect Hells Kitchen from the rise of the Sinister Six. Team up with Punisher, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage for various missions. Could also include courtroom scenes where the story is influenced based on how you represent certain clients.

Daredevil would play like Assassin’s Creed with a bit of Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney mixed in.

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The Tick

Thank the TV Gods that we finally have another live-action version of The Tick. As the Tick, gamers team up with Arthur and Overkill to track down the villainous Terror and his gallery of goons. Humor and action and justice… SPOON!

The Tick would play like Saints Row IV.

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Strike Back

I’ve tried to keep this list focused on shows currently on the air and it’s possible Strike Back might be done for good… but considering how awesome this show is, it had to make this list. You’ll play as ex-operatives Damian Scott and Michael Stonebridge, back on the front lines, ready to foil another sinister plot. Strike Back is just begging to become a video game and would be a blast as a co-op game.

Strike Back would play like Army of Two.

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The superhero game without the superhero. Players would take on the role of Jim Gordon as he works to take down the notorious criminals that eventually become the Batman’s infamous rogues gallery. Like the show, it would retain that darker tone – much like we saw in the Arkham series.

Gotham would play like Sleeping Dogs.

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The Flash

The Flash was the second series to appear in the Arrowverse. Featuring an outstanding cast and a wicked collection of rogues, there is no shortage of inspiration for a great game. The most important thing would be how developers create a sense of speed – but like the show, that speed would ultimately come by simply slowing everything else down. With The Flash’s ability to access other Earths, the plot could revolve around a different Earth not yet featured in the TV series. Guest appearances from the Legends of Tomorrow would be a must!

The Flash would play like Darksiders.

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Another Arrowverse franchise featuring Superman’s cousin Kara Danvers, Supergirl could make for an excellent open-world video game. Supergirl would give players the ability to fly all over National City using all her abilities to stop crimes and super villains like Livewire. The game could feature a supporting cast featuring Martian Manhunter and Alex Danvers.

Supergirl would play like Superman: The New Superman Adventures, a.k.a. Superman 64. (Just joking)

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The show that started it all! Arrow has been a consistently fantastic series and would make a wicked video game. The game would likely take place at the present time, without the need for flashbacks (since the TV series has done enough of those). While Arrow has expanded it’s cast with a number of additional heroes helping the fight, I would prefer the focus to be solely on Arrow, with Felicity on coms and Diggle as support. I enjoyed the Damien Darhk plotline and it’d be nice if they did something dark and mystical like that, which, of course, could deliver a much-deserved cameo from Matt Ryan as Constantine.

Arrow would play like Thief.

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Vikings is a show inspired by the legendary Norseman tales from over a thousand years ago. It includes raiding, pillaging and all that other fun stuff you think of when you think of Vikings. Now, we’ve had games based on Vikings before, such as the timeless classic The Lost Vikings, but we’ve never had a game that delivered a story and lore quite like the show Vikings.

Vikings would play like God of War and could focus on the exploits of Bjorn Ironside.

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Red Bull Crashed Ice 

Red Bull Crashed Ice is one sport that deserves a video game. Crashed Ice features a sloped ice track, set up on actual city streets. Four competitors race down the track on ice skates with the goal of crossing the line first. It’s fast and intense and would make a helluva great video game.

Red Bull Crashed Ice would play like SSX, just on ice skates.

Bonus: Paw Patrol

This one is for the kids. If you’re a parent, you have undoubtedly watched Paw Patrol, at least a thousand times. The show is cute and has a fun cast featuring lovable puppies that each have their own abilities. The game would require gamers to cycle through the various Paw Patrol pups to solve various problems in an open world version of Adventure Bay. Just yelp for help!

Paw Patrol would play like Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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And that’s our look at ten TV shows that could make great video games. Let us know what TV shows you think would make great video games in the comments below.