10 Weirdest Unlocks in Wrestling Games

10 Weirdest Unlocks in Wrestling Games


Wrestling is a a pretty well know sport across the world, The Video Games just show how popular they are. Video Games abut Wrestling have been around since the early 80’s improving each year to become what they are seen as today, Game developers always had a habit of adding Easter eggs or bonus wrestlers and here they are. 10 Weirdest Unlocks in Wrestling Games

source: whatculture.com

10. Sue & Pamela, The Ring Girls (WWF War Zone)

9. Joe Bruiser (WCW Vs. NWo: World Tour)

8. Godfather’s Hos (WWF WrestleMania 2000, WWF No Mercy)

7. Crash Test Dummy (WWF WrestleMania 2000)

6. Yourself (WWF WrestleMania Challenge)

5. The Announce Team (WWF No Mercy)

4. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (WWF War Zone)

3. Fred Durst (WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It)

2. Head (WWF Attitude)

1. Everyone And Everything In WCW/nWo Thunder

This is some Pretty Weird List of Characters but this is what they Developers wanted so I cant Complain, If you like Wrestling Games Make sure to give some of these a try.  10 Weirdest Unlocks in Wrestling Games