If you hope to find Sonic on this list I hate to break it to ya but Sonic hasn’t been doing well lately. With Countless Reboots which have all proven…failure. This list is awesome we can see how games began and what they became decades after their original release. 12 Games that Have Aged Well in the Past Years


1. Castlevania

Did you know that many of the Castlevania franchise’s enemies and bosses were inspired by beasts and horrors from Western and Japanese mythology? And, even wonderfully, novels by Kurt Vonnegut!

2. Super Mario Bros.

Did you know the Mario franchise is essentially an allegory of Biblical tales? Some of the iconic games’ levels have been said to reference ‘Dante’s Inferno’, and the Old Testament. You can even find a secret Christian cross floating in the sky of World 6.4 in SMB 3.

3. Final Fantasy

Did you know Final Fantasy VI has the longest ending of all SNES games, with the closing coming in at a fairly beefy 30 minutes.

4. The Legend of Zelda

Did you know that The Legend of Zelda’s first 5 dungeons of the 2nd quest actually spell the word Zelda?

5. Donkey Kong Country

Did you know that DK Country started life as a boxing game? Rare’s dimension bending tech (turning 3D objects into 2D sprites) impressed Nintendo so much, the go ahead was given to create a game from this new visual awesomeness. And that game became DKC.

6. Grand Theft Auto

Did you know GTA 5 was the highest fastest selling game of all time? Unsurprisingly, but still an amazing feat, the game sold 12m units within its first day of release.

7. Alien

Did you know that 20th Century Fox gave Alien: Isolation devs, Creative Assembly, 3TB’s worth of archived data pertaining to Ridley Scott’s Alien? This included the original score, set design, props and original sound recordings, amongst other awesome stuff.

8. Metal Gear/Metal Gear Solid

Remember the battle against Psycho Mantis in MGS? Obviously, right? Well if you were to enter first person mode at any time during the boss fight, you would see the world through Mantis’ eyes in yet another great Easter egg from that fight.

9. Starcraft

Did you know that if you listen very carefully to the marching band theme of the Terran Academy unit, you can hear the famous Wilhelm Scream bellowing?

10. Pokémon

Did you know that Rhydon was actually the first Pokémon ever created, as in drawn. The oldest Pokémon in Pokélore is Arceus. Or it could be argued that that title falls to Mew…

11. Doom

Did you know that Doom’s shotgun and chainsaw were inspired by The Evil Deadfranchise. Well yeah, that makes complete sense now.

12. Diablo

Did you know Diablo was originally intended to use claymation. But thanks to some bright spark at Blizzard, the game ended up looking like the Diablo we know and love now, rather than a Ray Harryhausen fever dream. Not that a Ray Harryhausen fever dream would ever be a bad thing.



It is an Incredible Position the one we are in to see the evolution of games from what they were in the 80’s & 90’s to the new age where everything is 3D just plain Incredible. 12 Games that Have Aged Well in the Past Years