13 of the Worst Weapons in Video Games

13 of the Worst Weapons in Video Games


This is a list of the Top 13 most worst weapons Ideas in Video Games, These might be the most unique weapons in the game and they could be proven useful in their own game but overall bad design and funny outcomes. 13 of the Worst Weapons in Video Games 

source: gameranx.com

The Junk Jet: From the recent Fallout games, capable of launching any miscellaneous item you feed into it at unsuspecting foes.

Pepper Grinder: This is from Alice: Madness Returns, you’re tasked with peppering some pick snouts, and you get to keep this weapon afterwards. It fires at machine gun speeds. Definitely helpful!

Cat Silencer: In Postal 2 you can take a cat, shove a gun barrel up its anus, and presto! You… now have quite a mess on your hands.

Mr. Toots: A weapon in Red Faction: Armageddon that happens to be a unicorn who shoots lasers out it’s butt. The beams of rainbow disintegrate the environment and rain death on your enemies.

Bane: A submachine gun from Borderlands 2. It screams violently when you shoot it, and it causes the player character to slow down significantly when it’s equipped.

Anal Probe: The classic from Destroy All Humans. Use it on the innocent townsfolk and you’ll find them shitting themselves as their brains are extracted via rectum.

Shrink Ray: It shows up in Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever. You shrink enemies down, allowing you to squash em.

Land Shark Gun: Armed and Dangerous features this strange device, that shoots out a miniaturize shark that rapidly matures and crushes opponents in their jaws.

Kitty Cannon: This Sunset Overdrive weapon shoots stuffed cats, allowing you to take advantage of a giant robot dog that blows up forces in the surrounding area when it rushes to investigate the squeaky toy.

Foam Finger Gun (Hand Cannon): A Dead Space 2 armament that seems to be the product of Isaac’s imagination.

Gunchucks: A weapon from Bayonetta that defeats the purpose of itself. Swinging around nunchucks that are also revolvers can go very wrong, very fast.

Inflato-Ray: Saints Row 4 device that expands the size of civilians, aliens, and other objects to explosive lengths.

Qwack-O-Ray:  This comes from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Turn your fearsome enemies into cute little ducks.