4 Ways to Make Money of Video Games

4 Ways to Make Money of Video Games


A large amount of the World Population Play Video Games, there is a smaller amount that get payed by playing Video Games. Today we are going to show you how to make that happen check out the list below. 4 Ways to Make Money of Video Games

source: cheatsheet.com

1. Streaming

Video game streaming celebrity Pewdiepie speaks into a microphone.

How to do it: Turning streaming into a lucrative business is a bit more complicated than it might sound at first blush. After all, building up a sizable audience willing to watch — and, ideally, pay for — your content is no trivial task.

First you need the gear. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One let you stream games over Twitch using their built-in apps, most pro streamers use a game capture box and a PC to do the heavy lifting. And once you have your gear, you’ll also need to be charismatic and entertaining if you want people to keep coming back to watch you. Once you have that down, you’ll want to start streaming on a regular schedule so viewers know when they can tune in to catch you. Oh, and having a background in business won’t hurt, either, since once you have an audience you’ll probably want to work on partnerships and promotions.

2. eSports

Street Fighter V star Ryu holding up his fists in a defensive stance.
How to do it: This is one of the tougher ways to get paid to play video games because it’s all based on how skilled you are at the games in question. To get started, you’ll have to get good a game and start competing in tournaments. You can win money all by yourself in solo games, but for team-based games you’ll have to join up with a team. Many eSports players also earn money from sponsorships by companies like Red Bull and Adidas.

3. QA testing

video game controller
How to do it: Look at job board postings at major development companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and any other company that makes games you like. The downsides of QA testing are that you’ll almost certainly have to live near the studio to be a QA tester, and it’s an entry level job that doesn’t pay much.

4. Writing

Ernest Hemingway
How to do it: If you want to get started writing about video games, the best thing to do is to start writing, period. You’ll need writing skills before anyone will pay you money to write about video games (or anything else, for that matter). Start a blog or start contributing to blogs on big gaming sites. Once you’ve written a few articles that prove you can write and you know what you’re talking about, start pitching story ideas to editors at gaming sites, using your blog posts as clips. If they’re accepted, you’re on your way to a job writing about video games.
There are some crazy ways to make money these days, this is one of them. I don’t think any there generation had the luxury to make money this way. its not all that easy too you must spent a lot of time working hard in order to make this happen. 4 Ways to Make Money of Video Games