5 Games That have a Misleading Trailers

5 Games That have a Misleading Trailers


Back in the day when you used to get a game it would have a nice sugar coated trailer with great Box art, these days the games must be exactly what you see in the trailer or else its false advertisement. Check out the biggest 5 games with misleading trailers. 5 Games That have a Misleading Trailers 

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5 Games That have a Misleading Trailers 

Prototype 2

Now, this really isn’t a bad game to start with. Critics and gamers even enjoyed it. However, graphic-wise, it didn’t live up to its trailer promise. A noticeable visual downgrade was implemented during the games launch which had gamers a bit disappointed. Story and play is good, but yeah, Prototype 2 lacks the promise of good visuals.

The Order: 1886

One of the recent games that made its way to our list is The Order: 1886. The game was released back in 2015 by Sony and Ready at Dawn Studios. Why is the trailer misleading? The game didn’t deliver according to expectations. One evidence is the very short gameplay and has very little player involvement. It even was crowned to be the most disappointing game of 2015 for the PlayStation. But all in all, The Order: 1886 is good if you like movies a lot.

Watch Dogs

This one really had stones raining. Suspected to have downgraded its visuals to prioritize the PlayStation 4 version optimization, but this was denied by the developers. Same reason with Prototype 2, Watch Dogs had a jawdropping pilot trailer but then gamers were disappointed when it got released.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

No contest, this is the best example for a Triple-A game with lots of buts. If you release games, there should be no show-stopper bugs in it. Shigeru Miyamoto would say, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” Ubisoft didn’t listen to this advice when releasing Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The game is evidently lacking a lot of bug checking before it was released. Although, patches and ‘sorry’ DLCs were handed over after it was being released so this is a hard lesson learned indeed for the company.

No Man’s Sky

Need we say more? No Man’s Sky is the latest game that made it to the list of games with misleading trailers. As you can read from our other article, the game has promised features that weren’t implemented in the actual game. There’s even this joke that the game would make a good ‘refund’ simulator.

Hit us with your thoughts via the comment section below. Speaking of misleading trailers and bugs, check out the top horrifying glitches of some videog games below. Good examples to not rush a game’s development, else, you’d end up with something like

These are just some fine example of how bad marketing makes a game and its developers look bad. if you any other games in mind that had misleading trailers let us know! 5 Games That have a Misleading Trailers