5 things ‘Overwatch’ Players didn’t Know About the Characters

5 things ‘Overwatch’ Players didn’t Know About the Characters


Overwatch has an outstanding set of characters which are all rich in story, each of them has a short animated film and comic book to fill in the character’s story. These are 5 things Overwatch players could have missed out on. 5 things ‘Overwatch’ Players didn’t Know About the Characters

source: isportstimes.com

5 things ‘Overwatch’ Players didn’t Know About the Characters

First off, players may have missed the fact that D.Va is the number one ranked StarCraft player in the whole world according to Gamerant. When she was 16 years old, she had an impressive career in eSports and even had a winning streak as the best StarCraft player for three years. And this made Hana Song the skillful D.Va everyone knows now.

Then there is Lucio who owns the Sonic Amplifier weapon. But what players may not know about is that this weapon is actually stolen from Vishkar Corporation for terrorizing his hometown. His signature weapon has the ability to heal his teammates and give him a boost in speed. Lucio’s great accomplishments launched his music career and made him the celebrity that he is now.

Next is about Mei’s history that not many players know about. There was a time when the “Overwatch world went through a robotic apocalypse. A group of scientists who were in the area must study the Omnic Crisis to escape death. One of the ways to do that is to lock themselves in a cryostasis pods.  According to Screenrant, Mei was the only one that survived and she was not rescued for a long time.

Another angle centers on the history of Mercy and Genji. The character Genji used to be a handsome and young warrior, but that changed when his brother tried to murder him. Fortunately, Mercy was there to save her and even improved his powers using cybernetic technology.