5 Video Games that Will Soon Go to the Big Screen

5 Video Games that Will Soon Go to the Big Screen


Video Games and Movies never sit very well together, with exceptions such as Warcraft which was a major hit in the past year, never the less Directors are always going to Remake Games into Movies. 5 Video Games that Will Soon Go to the Big Screen

source: itechpost.com

Assassin’s Creed

This should obviously be the number one on the list of video game to movie adaptations. Ubisoft’s tentpole franchise has definitely made a name in the industry, being among the best in the gaming market. If you’re a big fan of Michael Fassbender as well as the game, you’ll know just how the actor sync well to the character’s psyche as a whole. But hey, it’s up for you to judge. The film is scheduled for a release come Dec. 21 this year.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Yes, you read that right — Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is among the highly anticipated video game to movie adaptations out there. It’s worth noting that the series, since the previous title, has already accumulated a total of 5 zombie-packed entries. The forthcoming film is expected to hit the big screen come 2016. And oh, by the way, it’ll be starred by the fan favorite Milla Jovovich. Besides, I can’t think of any other female actress in Hollywood who can do it better than her.

Tomb Raider

Just when you thought the Angelina Jolie-Lara Croft hype is done, eh? Another title on this list of video game to movie adaptations is the titular game Tomb Raider. And this shouldn’t come a surprise considering that a reboot has just recently arrived. The soon to be released film is currently being helmed by Norwegian director Roar Uthaug with Geneva Robertson-Dworet on the writing seat. And take note: the dudes’ upcoming film is said to be a notch higher than Brad Pitt’s then significant other film.

Splinter Cell

Another hit title from the Tom Clancy’s franchise is Splinter Cell, making its way to this video game to movie adaptations list. Sam Fisher, who is not your typical gray-haired black ops guy, will be seen in the big screen sneaking his way through an enemy territory. The film is expected to arrive sometime in 2017. Well, it’s still a long way to go, but the hype is definitely snowballing.

Metal Gear Solid

Seriously, why haven’t filmmakers thought about this before? The Metal Gear franchise, after all, is a huge hit. The games in the series are best known for offering outlandish villains, let alone the never-ending conspiracies involved. The release date of the film, however, remains unknown. But really, I feel pity for the writer. He/she will definitely have a lot of writing shenanigans to do. Why? Because Metal Gear Solid.

What is your opinion on the Upcoming Video Game Adaptations to the big screen? is there any that you will forward to? let us know what you think below. 5 Video Games that Will Soon Go to the Big Screen