8 Games That Told Us The Future.

8 Games That Told Us The Future.


There is no way to tell the future, but some games actually managed to protected what was going and did happen, though it was probably never intentional for the games to come true or maybe it was and they the creators were trying to warn us. Ether way here are 8 games the told us the future.

Source : Whatculture.com

8. Gary Coleman’s Death & The Gulf Oil Rig Explosion In Fallout 3

Fallout 3

Though it takes a bit of work doing to uncover, someone at Bethesda was clearly reading the horoscopes back in 2008.

Firstly you need to kill the beloved radio host, Three Dog (I know… just go with it), as when you later return, he’ll have been replaced by someone called Margaret in person, and a series of blips n’ bloops on the radio.

What could they be? Why, Morse code of course!

Understandably, it took little time for the community to catch on, deciphering the noises to reveal a set of messages that at the time, didn’t seem to mean a whole lot. However, most notably are two allusions to specific events that would then come true only two years later.

First up is “Accident in the gulf, several dead. Oil spill averted”, which ties into 2010’s horrific Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that took four months to stop, and second is “What are you talkin’ about? You’ll be missed”, the first half pertaining to Gary Coleman’s iconic catchphrase, and the latter weirdly acknowledging the actor’s death – though that also wouldn’t happen until May 2010.

7. Final Fantasy VIII Somehow Knows All About Online HD Streaming & Youtube

Final Fantasy VIII 8
Square Enix

Although many of you will remember a world without Youtube (it only sprang into life in 2005), Square were clearly ahead of the game in regards to the proliferation of streaming services.

Though Final Fantasy VIII released in 1999, Squall can be seen talking about the in-world history of streaming and online broadcasting – something that would manifest most prevalently through Youtube in our world, but also in Japan through IPTV; a cultural phenomenon and still the norm overseas where watching TV on your phone is very easy to do. IPTV has actually been around since 1995, but they wouldn’t add live-streaming HD content until 2005, six years after FF VIII first made mention of the idea.

Many handsets released in the region now come equipped with antennas to facilitate this too, once again tying into the idea of online broadcasting being delivered to the masses.

6. Deus Ex’s New York City Terrorist Attacks & Missing Twin Towers

Deus Ex 911

You’ll need to join the dots a tad with this, but they are some very obvious dots in the first place.

So, first up we’ve got the fact that despite being set overlooking the New York skyline, the iconic Twin Towers are eerily absent from the game’s background texture. Remember this was released one year and three months before 9/11, so omitting such a cultural landmark was strange, to say the least.

Deus Ex New York City Skyline
Square Enix

The devs would comment that the missing towers were simply down to ‘memory limitations’, and that their size was too big to fit onto the texture being used. O… kay.

Regardless, it gets really disturbing when a memo you can find describes a “recent terrorist attack on the city” – leaving many to assume that the in-world explanation for the Twin Towers being missing is because they were destroyed by terrorists.

Again, one year and three months before the travesty itself…

5. Kim Jong-Il’s Death & Kim Jong-Un Replacing Him In Homefront

Homefront Kim Jong Un

It might be the game that helped bury THQ thanks to requiring a stupid amount of cash to get off the ground, but Homefront’s alternate reality was always one of the most fascinating in recent memory.

…until it wasn’t ‘alternate’ anymore.

Thankfully we’re yet to see North and South Korea uniting as one to form a ‘Greater Korean Republic’ before setting off to conquer the West, but Homefront did include the death of Kim Jong-Il and the succession of his son, Kim Jong-Un, happening two weeks before the real Jong-Il died.

The timeframe is staggering enough, but as a strange addendum, Kim “Madder-than-a-box-of-star-jumping-frogs” Jong-Un has been known to play Homefront’s alternate reality missions showing Korea taking over US soil, as “practice” a future invasion. How lovely.

Good job there’s never been a proven causal link between video games and real-world violence… right?!


4. Ghost Recon’s Bizarrely Accurate Dating Of The Russia/Georgia Conflict

Ghost Recon

Speaking of conflicts, Tom Clancy’s bread and butter has always been drawing up a map of the world and criss-crossing red threads over distanced territories to decide who’ll fight who next, but the original 2001 Ghost Recon went one further.

Rather than stay firmly in the aisles of fiction, Ghost Recon not only set up the notion of conflict between Georgia and Russia, but also had the game take place in 2008 (Clancy loved his “It could happen right around the corner” stuff).

Now, not only did Russia and Georgia later come to blows in real life, but when did it happen?


Don’t worry though, assumedly there’s a real-life Sam Fisher crouch-walking through a ventilation shaft to listen in on top secret plans as we speak.

3. The Use Of Everyday Algae Fuel Was First Mentioned In Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Oilix

Hideo Kojima has long been proven one of the finest creative minds on the planet, but little do even Metal Gear fans know that he actually hit a home run in the spooky stakes back in 1990.

Using an almost post-apocalyptic setup of a world devoid of oil, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake spun a yarn where the fictional algae-based fuel OILIX was instead created as a solution. Although the game was set in 1999, the very idea of a bio-based fuel for motor vehicles was deemed one of ‘those things’ Kojima comes up with that nobody believes would ever take hold.

Though… 22 years later, the company Solazyme would create ‘Biodiesel B20’; an algae-based fuel that revolutionised the way the industry now thinks about making the stuff.

So… if only the world hadn’t hand-waved away Kojima’s crazy theories, the Earth’s environment would be in a much better state and in a way, he would’ve been responsible for saving the world from its inevitable collapsed O-zone state.

2. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn’s Queen Mirrored Obama’s Birther Controversy & Presidency

Fire Emblem Obama

Cheers to blogger Video_Game_King for this one – it’s pretty incredible.

Of all the dumbass things to happen in American politics, trying to unseat the otherwise squeaky-clean Barack Obama by demanding birth certificates was one of the most random. However, it’s not a practice without precedent in the gaming world.

Back in 2007, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn tells the story of Queen Elincia – a very much left-leaning leader – taking the throne, only for various higher-ups and officials to form a rebellion against her position despite her successes, claiming that she was “fake” and not worthy of the position. It goes without saying that Obama experienced a similar enquiry for years, resulting in millions of Americans still believing he was born in Kenya – and thus not eligible for office of the White House – rather than Hawaii.

Not only that, but they attempted to rupture Elincia’s support amongst the masses by disrupting her reputation through sensationalist lies – not unlike the various politicans and outspoken activists who latched onto the “Obama is Hitler” stupidity across the early 2010s.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

1. Metal Gear Solid 2 Describing The Rise Of Trump

Metal Gear Solid 2 Trump

Regardless of political affiliation and the ‘want’ to support the person behind the policies and mentalities you believe in, Trump’s war on ‘fake news’ is entirely comparable to the future Metal Gear Solid 2 painted, where scientific facts, history and culture are mediated online, rather than accrued from objective reality.

As Sons of Liberty’s Colonel is revealed to be an A.I. for the Illuminati-style Patriots, he talks to Raiden about the reality of a populace increasingly dependant on information pertained through digital means. From modifiable sources, selected “petty issues, misinterpretations and slander” can be weeded out so the message can be controlled. By proxy, the populace are fed what the Patriots want them to see, not questioning, not wanting to question, thereby denying their humanity and falling in line.

Pivot back across to Trump, and what has he tried and succeeded in doing? Weaponising social media to control a dedicated following; one trusting in his word alone, and one that is conditioned to disregard what they would dutifully refer to as “fake news” elsewhere.

On the Colonel/Patriots side, their overarching statement is that they are right – they have the one truth, and all others should be disregarded. Why? Because they have your best interest at heart. Of course.

Again, the denial of free thought and the promotion of obedience.

There’s also the advent of the NSA’s civilian-monitoring PRISM program that emerged in 2007, and the semi-hilarious fact that 2013’s Metal Gear Rising has Senator Armstrong literally yelling about wanting to “Make America great again!”. Even if you trace that back to Ronald Reagan, the notion of a Metal Gear boss being the embodiment of overblown American patriotism also being the guy who got elected for doing the same thing is too insane for words.