8 Leaned Back Video Games

8 Leaned Back Video Games


Video Games are one of the ways to escape reality in this world, making us forget about the stress of work or problems we are facing. Many games require you to learn something new or getting used to the mechanics. these games reward you for doing nothing. 8 Leaned Back Video Games

source: whatculture.com

Far Cry 4 Finishes The Game For You

Undertale’s Combat System Involves Attacks Which Need To Be Ignored

The Stanley Parable Wants You To Stop Playing For Five Whole Years

There’s A Boss In Metal Gear Solid 3 That Can Die Of Old Age

Bravely Default Charges Your Attack While The 3DS Is In Sleep Mode

Runescape Lets You Take Control Of An Entire Island

There’s A Boss In Final Fantasy V That Demands You Don’t Fight It

EarthBound Teaches You To Meditate

Battlefield 2142 Dished Out Bonus Points For Not Playing

World Of Warcraft Multiples XP (And Technically Gave Away Free Money)

Wow this games are so leaned back on giving the player free XP! although it isn’t all the game that requires the player to do nothing but it is nice to receive rewards for zero work. 8 Leaned Back Video Games