8 Tricks to Help you Catch Rare Pokemon in GO

8 Tricks to Help you Catch Rare Pokemon in GO


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and with servers now working at a decent rate people are out catching pokemon everyday, earning the creators Niantic $36.9 billion. These are the Best 8 Tricks to follow if you want to catch rare pokemon in your area. 8 Tricks to Help you Catch Rare Pokemon in GO

source: bustle.com

1. Boot Up Yelp

There’s a Pokestop filter on Yelp now, which means that you can not only find the best pizza in the area, but also identify which pizza places have Pokestops nearby. While it’s true that this filter is only for stops, not for actual Pokemon, bear in mind that users frequently drop lure modules at Pokestops— something which benefits literally anyone who might happen to be at that Pokestop the moment the lure is dropped. Eat your pizza while you wait for the Pokemon to flock towards your baited Pokestop. It’ll be worth it.

2. Brush Up On Your Tracking Skills

“Pokemon Go’s” tracking system may be kind of imprecise, but it’s still be useful for knowing what’s around you — and, indeed, whether there’s anything around you at all. From the map screen, tap the little gray box showing tiny Pokemon icons in the lower right hand corner. Doing so will bring up a pop-up window showing up to nine Pokemon that are nearby, with the number of foot prints visible next Pokemon icon letting you know how close they are: One foot print means it’s super close, while two or three means it’s further away.

Unfortunately the tracking system doesn’t tell you which direction to go in order to find a specific Pokemon, but you’ll be able to see the display change as you walk around, adding and subtracting footsteps and swapping out some Pokemon for others — so basically, you’re playing a variation on Hot and Cold or Marco Polo. Just, y’know, with Pokemon instead of people. And if there are no icons in the tracking box? That means there are no Pokemon nearby at all, so you know not to waste your time hunting there.

3. Go Where The Crowds Are

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You’re probably already familiar with this one, but it bears repeating: Pokemon are designed to spawn in areas with high cell traffic, so if you want to find more Pokemon, go to where the people are. Admittedly this is kind of a downer for people who live in rural areas; highly-populated cities are more likely to see lots of Pokemon.

If you are in a rural location, though, you can either get a group together to hunt with you (thus providing at least a little more cell traffic wherever you happen to be hunting) — or try this next trick:

4. Cross-Reference “Ingress”

“Ingress” is an older augmented reality game by Niantic, the same company that developed “Pokemon Go” — and it appears that at least some of the location data used for “Ingress” is also at play in “Pokemon Go.” This means that you can use “Ingress” to identify locations where there are likely to be more Pokemon. Redditor SkyriderRJM posted a detailed account of their method on the “Pokemon Go” subreddit shortly after Pokemon launched; head on over there to check it out. SkyriderRJM noted that they do not live in an urban area, but were able to catch a Squirtle with relative ease using the “Ingress” method. Score.

5. Use A Map Or App

Many fans of “Pokemon Go” have been creating maps and apps that detail the locations of everything from gyms to actual Pokemon. Referring to these might help you plan out where to go for more successful Pokemon hunting, although be warned that the data for them is generally submitted by users; as such, it may not always be accurate (and, in fact, might be intended to trick people). Tread carefully.

6. Don’t Hoard Your Lures Or Incense

You have these items for a reason; use them. They’ll make all the Pokemon come to your yard, so to speak. You can get strategic about it, too — if you want to find specific types of Pokemon, you can try using them in particular areas or at different times of day. Also pay attention to whether or not other people have dropped lures at nearby Pokestops; if they have, you can go get in on the action, too. As previously mentioned, lures benefit anyone who happens to be around at the time, not just the players who drop them.

7. Hatch Those Eggs