9 Most Surprising In-Game Deaths

9 Most Surprising In-Game Deaths


As Gamers we have faced death many times but it not something to worry about since you can easily restart with only pressing a button. With this today we look at the most memorable deaths in Games. 9 Most Surprising In-Game Deaths 

source: forbes.com

Graham takes a short fall off a short cliff

While the litany of death that awaits young Roger Wilco in theSpace Quest series is enough to fill these virtual pages many times over, I have raised dust marching through that territory before.That does not excuse Sierra Entertainment, its early protagonists in those legendary games of our youth meeting with only the most cultured and finely curated deaths.

These deaths were very specific and caused by the player’s lack of action or direct action. King’s Quest V was the culmination of years of finding stupid ways to die. Didn’t put on a coat? Freeze to death. Walked into a snake? Get bit and die. Run over by a horse, mauled by a bear, attacked by critters — there was no shortage of nature waiting to kill.


The highlight for me though, was when there was clearly some error in development. Like walking off the side of the stairs. A short “wilhelm scream” later and Graham crumpled like tissue paper in a daycare. It was abrupt, strange and anger inducing.

No Spidey-sense for QTEs

Quick-time events (QTEs) are my ruin. A QTE is a planned out event in which you have to press the buttons at the exact time, speed and order in which they are presented on screen. InMercenaries a QTE was needed to hijack a helicopter or tank, inCall of Duty QTEs are used often for really awesome pieces of action that aren’t really open for interpretation or free will. I’m terrible at QTEs, I want to press the buttons when I want to press the buttons, not when the game tells me to. However, the single worst use of QTEs has to be Spider-Man 3: Web of Shadows.

Atari’s puddles of death

Atari games, while at the forefront of gaming and the precursor for many of the great games we have today, were low graphic pixelated affairs. Dying in an Atari game was usually nothing special. The character blinked, jumped into the air and fell off-screen or it simply cut to the restart screen. Except when turning into a melty puddle of pixel goo.

Hardware sale

Pre-dating the brutality in Mortal Kombat by four years, Ninja Gaiden wasn’t particularly bloody — until you died. At this point, the adrenaline started pumping as you frantically searched your pockets for another quarter because on screen was an absolute horror for a child of the arcade. Ryu unceremoniously tied down with rope and chain, a circular saw approaching his midsection — his pixelated eyes wrought with terror. The ninja had lost his cool and needed your quarter to live again.

Al Gore, environmental savior, South Park villain

In South Park Stick of Truth, the former Vice President is nothing to be trifled with. Al Gore appears in the game (just as super cerealas he did in the series itself) as not one, but two boss fights. While he doesn’t inadvertently start a war with Imaginationland, he can bore your PCs to death with a presentation on global warming. If that’s not enough, he’ll summon the Secret Service to gun down what’s left of your HP. If that’s not enough, he’ll hop into a self-constructed Manbearpig suit and physically stand in your way. This appearance by Gore was much more entertaining than his disembodied head on Futurama.

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Can’t you read the sign? In Resident Evil 4 it says “don’t shoot the water.” It fails to mention the giant swamp zombie creature that eats you off the dock as suddenly as Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea if you do shoot the water. At least you get a trophy for it.

Idle hands are the Devil’s playthings

Both Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 offered your PC a moral choice at the end of the game. While neither resulted in your death, one could argue about the death of your soul. In Far Cry 4 you could just choose to never reach such a troubling moral conundrum by simply doing nothing early in the game.

When you arrive in Kyrat to return your mother’s ashes, your PC is taken captive by the ruling despot Pagan Min. He invites you to his mansion. Everything is peachy keen. Then, you are left alone to escape even though he said he’d be back to allow you to continue your mundane mission. What player would believe that waiting is a possibility once escape and adventure present themselves?

Not only is it a possibility, but Pagan Min holds true to his word. If you simply wait at the table for him to come back, you are sent off to spread your mother’s ashes and the game ends. A disappointing and lazy ending for anyone with no patience for taking out base after base with a bow and arrow and tiger bait.

A leisurely death

Like most Sierra Entertainment titles, the titular Leisure Suit Larry met his demise with humorous captions and unexpected mistakes. In the first iteration of the game, dying from an STD or drowning in the bathroom were just salt in the wound deaths. Who could predict the bathroom was airtight and that STDs carried a death sentence within minutes? Talk about a solid argument for safe sex. The best thing about your PC dying in Leisure Suit Larrywas getting a glimpse behind the scenes at the underground Larry factory. It was heartening to know that just like us, Larry was nothing more than a mass produced shell of a man.

A long time to die on the island

Then there was The Secret of Monkey Island. The LucasArts game didn’t really offer much in the death department. The mystery game was focused more on the humor and investigative skills of Guybrush. He was really never in any danger. Except if you go for a swim. Throughout the game he had been bragging that he could hold his breath for 10 minutes.

When you have to go underwater to retrieve an item (well, shoved in the water), instead of escaping from the weight you are tied to, simply wait 10 minutes. Guybrush eventually turns purple, then green, then dead.

Years later, this death would be revisited as an in-game joke inCurse of Monkey Island when Guybrush finds the drowned Guybrush. Meta!