About US

About US

Launched in 2012, we evolved from Best video games to the fresher, invigorating and only true online news source for all things Video Games!. With entertainment and celebrity news to the latest in the Gaming world, strategies, and a steady stream of current Gaming -related stories, the shoxgaming.com is quickly becoming the obvious destination for Game lovers’ daily Gaming fix.

Shoxgaming.com’s mission is to be the internet’s trusted authority on video gaming through exceptional writing, cutting-edge reporting and inspiring photography.

shoxgaming: The internet newspaper all about video gaming.

The team here at shoxgaming is growing If interested, send to us your top stories, strategies, maps, news,  TOP bests etc and our editor will personally review feasibility to add your story.

For more information contact shoxgaming.com at shoxgamingsite@gmail.com.