Barry Feeding Is Back …But Some Bugs Still Remain In Pokemon.

Barry Feeding Is Back …But Some Bugs Still Remain In Pokemon.


Pokemon Go have decide to bring back remote feeding after it was roughly turned off just last week, Although the developers have not yet fixed the main issues of the featured.

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Last week, Pokemon Go added a new “remote feeding” feature meant to make players’ experience with the game a little easier. Previously, a player needed to go to a gym where their Pokemon was stationed in order to feed it berries and keep it in fighting shape. That wasn’t a problem for players who lived or work close to gyms, but it was a bit more problematic for players who couldn’t get out to a gym (or multiple gyms) every day.

Remote berry feeding was supposed to fix that issue. While not as effective as feeding berries in person, the remote feeding issue would allow players to remotivate their Pokemon and collect Stardust from a distance. However, Pokemon Go shut off the feature just days after announcing it.

A Major Bug

While Pokemon Go declined to give details about why they shut down the remote feeding system, it’s believed that they needed to fix several bugs related to the new feature. For one, some players claimed they could feed their Pokemon unlimited berries through the system, while others noted that using remote feeding caused the game to automatically “un-favorite” their Pokemon, leaving them vulnerable to an accidental transfer.

Last night, Pokemon Go turned remote feeding back on. Although Pokemon Go seems to have shut down the “unlimited berries” glitch, using the remote feeding system will still automatically un-favorite your Pokemon in the gym.

Players will need to keep vigilant when using remote berry feeding. While it’s a great source of Stardust (players can earn 2,400 Stardust per gym when they use the feature,) they might also accidentally lose a Pokemon if they’re not careful.

We’ll see how long this glitch stays active and whether its continued presence is enough of a reason for Pokemon Go to turn it off again.