Battlefield 1 Beta Feedback Vehicle changes & Conquest

Battlefield 1 Beta Feedback Vehicle changes & Conquest


After a very Successful Open Beta with 13 Million Players, DICE have been looking through the feedback and are going to tweak the game according to feedback. When creating a new Game is important for the Game designers to listen to the Community. Battlefield 1 Beta Feedback Vehicle changes & Conquest


One piece of feedback leading to change involves scoring in Conquest mode. Battlefield 1’s did away with the traditional scoring method for Conquest, where teams competed to exhaust the other team’s supply of tickets by holding more capture points and killing enemies. In Battlefield 1, this changed: teams would gain points only by capturing and holding points, and the goal was to end up with more than the other team. That’s now changing.

“The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match,” Berlin said. “You have spoken, we have listened!”

No further specifics were shared regarding that change, and even less was said about alterations coming to Rush.

“We have also been monitoring and listening to your comments in regards to the Rush game mode,” Berlin continued. “It’s super exciting for us to bring back Rush for Battlefield 1, and we are aiming to make it the best Rush experience to date. We are making tweaks to the game mode as we speak with your feedback as the backbone to the entire process.”

Finally, the last area Berlin discussed making changes to was multiplayer balancing, which largely seems to revolve around vehicles and horses.

“We’re also looking into balancing other elements, including the weapons and vehicles,” he said. “The Light Tank, which is a bit too effective in the open beta, will definitely receive some work, and we agree that horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment. We’ve also learned through the beta that you guys need more tools to deal with vehicles earlier, which we’ll definitely look into (including a gadget for the Support class which should help neutralize powerful vehicles).”

DICE have all the information and Tech needed to create one of the Best Battlefield Games yet, The official game is going to be released On October 21st. Battlefield 1 Beta Feedback Vehicle changes & Conquest