Battlefield 1 How to Acquire all Medal-Associated Dog Tags Guide

Battlefield 1 How to Acquire all Medal-Associated Dog Tags Guide


The Best FPS game of 2016 Battlefield 1 has been out for about a month. With that said there one Player who has already obtained all possible dog tag medals, He has been interviewed and here are his Tips for other Players attempting the Challange. Battlefield 1 How to Acquire all Medal-Associated Dog Tags Guide


How long did it take you to earn every last medal?

270 hours is how many hours BF1 has consumed my life — I’ve been playing since launch. I think if I only went for the medals the time would be substantially less, but it’s hard to put a number to it by isolating it to only medals.

I genuinely enjoy the game. I PTFO as much as possible and am proud that I have a score per minute of over 1,000.

Which dog tags were the hardest for you to complete?

Lightning Cross Order was hands down the hardest for me from a skill or luck perspective. The last phase, five kills with a semi-automatic pistol in a single life, is no simple feat. I died so many times trying and finally got lucky in Conquest. Okay, now imagine that with a revolver.

As a consequence, I admit, that made me farm its evil cousin, St. Sebastian’s Order, with a squadmate. It was hilarious blasting his head off in an obscure barn on the NW edge of St. Quentin’s Scar hoping that no one would venture out there and kill me as I got close to five kills!

Legion of Sacred Unity comes a close second. It’s one of the few medals where triggering each of the three objectives for the medal are so specific to circumstance in a firefight that it’s a pain in the ass to [find]. It’s so bad I believe someone on Reddit said, “I believe who ever created this medal deserves a special place in hell.”

Do you have a general strategy to complete medals?

You can switch what medal you want to focus on in the middle of the game for those of you that didn’t know! There was a time I remember switching to Star of Alexander at the end of a match of Conquest, because I knew my team would win, right after doing some healing for Order of Hippocrates.

As for those starting off, do the ones you think will be hard first because you never know when they will cycle back again. It feels rewarding to complete a harder medal rather an easy one.

For those that have completed many medals, pray to ‘RNGesus’ that you’ll get the ones you’re missing. At that point there’s not much you can do.

What tips would you share for other players looking to complete their Medals?

Patience and grit. Don’t give up! Many of the medals are not hard or require skill to get in my opinion. It comes down to perseverance.

For example: destroying vehicles with K Bullets for Order of the Falcon. If you go to Monte Grappa you can jump on a AA gun, weaken a plane, and finish it off with a K Bullet. You may not get it all the time, but eventually you will.

Another tip is to be creative and re-frame the requirement. For example: get five explosive kills in one life for Order of the Red Dragon. Use the Assault Class and think about taking out a tank with a full squad in it or landing the final hit to the train Behemoth. Capitalize on the idea that you can get multi-kills instead of chasing infantry and blowing them up one-by-one.

What was the most frustrating part about earning everything?

I think the most frustrating part was waiting for the last few medals to appear on the weekly refresh. There were many weeks where none or one medal I needed would appear. Many people, I think, can agree to this sentiment.

When this happened, and it was frequent, I would just focus on other growth mindset goals. For example, how can I improve my score per min? How can I be a better pilot? How can be “that guy” that gets 99 service stars camping with the Artillery Truck?

What’s your next goal? Codices? Max Level?

I want to break rank 100.  I’m sitting at 98 right now… It’s just a matter of time, though I’m not sure if I’ll commit to rank 110 with the new expansion.

Codices is another goal of mine. Right now I’m sitting at 72/81 for weapons. That’s the only category I need completed, but I still need the SMLE Elite and Elite M1907. They are popular guns based off usage data, but I’m an oddball and personally don’t like using them.

With the French expansion, I need to unlock the melee weapons first before I can unlock the codices, in addition to a few others. Lastly, I still need that Kolibri codex sitting at 6/10 kills…

Describe your general feelings about Battlefield 1 and what DICE has in store for 2017.

Overall, I think BF1 launched with greater success than BF4 in terms of it not being a broken game. I also think BF1 nails the aesthetic of WWI married with mainstream modern FPS.

I enjoy playing it, but I have my worries about it’s longevity in terms of player-base drop-off as a consequence of game design decisions DICE made developing the game. For example, the lack of weapons or character customization, spacing and timing of expansions, and the uninspiring rewards system. We also know there’s fewer players now than launch, with greater impact to those playing during the non-peak hours of the day.

The French Expansion drew back players, but I noticed there was drop-off in Conquest servers near the end of the first week of access for Premium Pass subscribers — not a good sign. This can be caused by a multitude of reasons, but compared to the drop-off versus time experienced in BF4, Battlefield 1 feels as if it’s not living up to its predecessor (I don’t consider Hardline a predecessor for reasons I think many would agree with).