Battlefield 1 Lets you Experience the “Great War” Again

Battlefield 1 Lets you Experience the “Great War” Again


With Battlefield being Released early for Players who have pre-ordered the game we couldn’t wait to hear what they had to say. Battlefield 1 is great because for a time were weapons and vehicles were in early models ans They made one of the Longest and Slowest Wars of History and Exciting Entertaining game.  Battlefield 1 Lets you Experience the “Great War” Again 


‘Battlefield 1’ Makes World War I

Battlefield 1‘s answer is to invoke the period’s spirit—of battles waged with slower, less sophisticated weapons and vehicles. Slower is better because it lets you appreciate the tactical interplay of each encounter’s moving parts.

“Juxtaposed with photos, Battlefield 1‘s weapons are virtual analogues of their archetypes, though having hefted none in real life, all I can tell you is that wielding them efficiently requires adaptation to slower fire and reload rates. That, scant battlefield ammunition and fully destructible environments reward more cautious, methodical gunplay that’s nothing like the boisterous lethality on casual loan in so many modern shooters. DICE could have skinned a bunch of contemporary weapons to resemble The Great War’s bolt-action rifles and snail drum SMGs and called it a day. Instead, they’ve embraced the early 20th century’s technological idiosyncrasies, finessing everything just enough to keep it all as brisk and ballistically persuasive as anything with homing rockets or a laser sight.”

Well Looks like DICE have done it again by listening to their Audience and re-creating World War I in a masterpiece of a game.  Battlefield 1 Lets you Experience the “Great War” Again