Battlefield 1: New DLC Bring on The French

Battlefield 1: New DLC Bring on The French


If you Enjoyed the First Chapter of Battlefield 1 you are going to love the seconds part, The first Paid DLC They Shall Not Pass will feature the French Army and their efforts during the first World War, With New Game Modes, Maps and Weapons this is going to be a Must Get DLC. Battlefield 1: New DLC Bring on The French 


DLC takes the battle on French territory

It’s going to be great to try out all the new features, but there is no doubt that the DLC shines brightest through the new maps added to the game. Each map comes with its own characteristics and implies a certain gameplay approach:

  • Verdun Heights is set in Verdun obviously and the map is comprised of a burning forest which takes players to a whole other level of hell. The inferno vibe surrounding players will play an important role in the map experience.
  • Soissons challenges players to sharpen their vehicle combat skills. The map is great for this type of gameplay due to its open fields that promote long range warfare.
    • On the other extreme, Fort Vaux is all about close comba, enhanced by the labyrinth of hallways offered by the map.
    • Rupture is a map that highlights each style of gameplay and combines them in one field. In this case, we have poppy fields and trenches that give players the opportunity to swap between on-foot combat and tank combat.

    A new game mode will also make its debut in the new France-centric expansion titled “They Shall Not Pass” that combines Conquest and Rush into a new experience that revolves around multiple rounds of capture-the-flag but also the Rush suggestive telegraph posts. The new game mode is called Frontlines and it will be available in Match.