Battlefield 1 New DLC, New Behemoth and More!

Battlefield 1 New DLC, New Behemoth and More!


Battlefield was marked as one of the most played games of 2016 with many new updates coming to the Game this Year. EA and DICE have created a pathway by going back in History and Making one of the Worst Wars into a Historical Game.  Battlefield 1 New DLC, New Behemoth and More!  


Battlefield 1 Update – New Behemoth, Tanks & More

The long for encountering those circumstances is joined by the amazing graphics and sound work. These truly permitted the game to achieve its potential. Presently individuals can rapidly get over the huge frustration that was Battlefield 4.

As indicated by late bits of gossip, there’s another behemoth that is en route to Battlefield 1. Right now, many haven’t really observed it since it never left development at the time. That behemoth is known as the “Ribe”. The name was recently revealed by BF Bulletin on Twitter.

Furthermore, the Producer at DICE, Ali Hassoon, as of late tweeted out that they are presently including Password-Protected servers. Moreover, he said that they are additionally searching for an e-Sports Competitive Gaming Commissioner that’ll help Battlefield 1 join the E-Sports field.

Presently, when are these elements being added to the game will remain a riddle. Nonetheless, we ought to be sheltered to state that they’re coming soon in the event that they officially prodded them.