Battlefield 1 New Update and Features

Battlefield 1 New Update and Features


Battlefield 1 one of the most played fps games of 2016 and game of the month for October. EA DICE created a masterpiece which has change the way FPS games are played, with other excellent installments such as Bad Company 2. Battlefield 1 has recently got a new update check out the new features below. Battlefield 1 New Update and Features 


First on the list is a feature that allows players to significantly take advantage of various items. From weapons to commands to vehicles, these are all covered. Moreover, it gives players the capability of executing a maneuver that can turn the tide of any in-game battle.

The developers have also introduced a nice touch on the weather aspect of Battlefield 1. The landscape, in particular, changes whenever weather interference happens. It also happens when a player does a certain mission. Another interesting addition to the game are the game changing vehicles, as previously reported here at iTech Post.

The aforementioned vehicles are basically large vessels that players can use in the game. Interestingly, it can help turn the tide of the battle. Planes and Behemoths — what these vehicles are usually called – are controllable by players. These can wreak havoc, particularly on enemy lines.

The update also brought a new multiplayer mode to Battlefield 1. It’s called Multi-Player Mode Operation, which allows a player to team up with others in hopes to execute a strategy. The latter is done to ensure that every mission is accomplished.

Battlefield one also cam in on second place for Best Soundscape and Sound Design, Not to mention best Multiplayer and Action. What do you think of the New Battlefield 1 Update? Battlefield 1 New Update and Features