Battlefield 1: Taking Part in Community Events Guide

Battlefield 1: Taking Part in Community Events Guide


Battlefield 1 Developers DICE will release Community Test Environments which is a new way to generate ideas from the Players for PC. DICE have stated they hope CTE will create a more player responsive and sensitive area.Battlefield 1: Taking Part in Community Events Guide 


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DICE’s website said that, not all CTE contents might see the public version of “Battlefield 1.” It is for the reason that CTE is more like a “recycling shop” where someone could be used while others are discarded. At any rate, the planned server will host improved, changed and experimental contents.

It is, however, true that the “Battlefield 1” is lacking features which will excite the players. EA and DICE will start another community testing environment in order to let the players experience the added features, which will soon be added into the game.

As per One Angry Gamer, DICE will be sending the codes to selected players of “Battlefield 1.” The players can then access Origin and they can start participating in CTE. For those players who have not received any codes, they can also register in “Battlefield” companion app.

PC players are going to be lucky this time as they can try out the upcoming changes in “Battlefield 1” before the updates will finally roll out. After they will participate in CTE, they can see the changes in the game after they have registered in the event.

The players of “Battlefield 1” using PS4 and Xbox One might have to wait for a little longer since DICE has not yet confirmed if CTE will be available for their platforms, according to Shack News. The developer clearly mentioned that only select members can access the testing.

Hopefully, DICE and EA will have a victorious CTE of “Battlefield 1.” Lastly, the first expansion DLC “They Shall Not Pass” is already scheduled for a March launch. DICE has teased that this paid content offers a new mode, four maps and more weapons in the game.

This is a brilliant move from DICE as  many Players were complaining about the Game, DICE set up CET so Players who join the server will be able to spectate what is coming next to Battlefield  1. Battlefield 1: Taking Part in Community Events Guide