Battlefield 1 Upcoming Update on Features and Level Progression

Battlefield 1 Upcoming Update on Features and Level Progression


We can all say Battlefield 1 had one hell of a Marketing Team, with the Release trailer for Battlefield one it found its way to the heart of many gamers. However every game has its flaws and with Battlefield EA & DICE have been listening to the community. Battlefield 1 Upcoming Update on Features and Level Progression 


More than just listen, it looks like they have started preparations for a Battlefield update that would care to the factors pointed out by players. According to some assuring yet strangely vague tweets, DICE officials went on to hint at upcoming changes being made to the targeted areas. The update is set to implement some changes in the way Battlefield 1’s progression system functions, but also tweak the existing form of battlepacks. Game producers Andreas Skolgund and Ali Hassoon welcomed the constructive feedback they had received, asking fans to “stay tuned” for more updates on the matter.

The main problem with the game’s battlepacks was that it relied too much on RNG, as stated by unhappy consumers. DICE has taken notice and is looking to make battlepacks more appealing to those that do not welcome RNG in their experience, as per the official tweets.

This is great news for Battlefield 1’s player base. Not just because these issues will be addressed, but also because it is clear evidence that DICE and EA are ready to work with the community on improving the overall Battlefield experience,  and that consumer complaints are not ignored.