Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty is ‘Healthy Competition’

Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty is ‘Healthy Competition’


The most fierce rivalry in FPS games could be that of EA’s Battlefield and Activision’s Call of Duty. Ever since the release of Battlefield 3, it created a new era where both companies have been battling for market shares. Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty is ‘Healthy Competition’ 


WW2 is ‘healthy competition’

Battlefield has certainly propelled itself to the top of the mantle in the quality stakes, while Call Of Duty continues to fly off shelves, despite having recently fallen below its publisher’s expectations.

It was EA’s and DICE’s decision to bring Battlefield back to a historical era that arguably helped the franchise establish itself as gaming’s premier shooter franchise.

Call Of Duty, meanwhile, has entered into a period of stagnation, held back by tiring gameplay features and a futuristic setting that didn’t resonate with players.

As such, Activision is taking the franchise “back to its roots“, and a return to World War II appears likely based on recently-leaked images.

Previously, Call Of Duty‘s return to a historic setting would have prompted some jeering from the Battlefield crew … in good spirit, of course.

However, the team at DICE is a little more grounded and appreciative of Call Of Duty‘s apparent shift away from the futuristic setting, saying it’s good for the genre and industry more broadly when major franchises can more directly compete with one another.

Speaking with Games Radar, DICE creative director, Lars Gustavsson, said other shooters returning to historical settings offered “healthy competition”.

“I think it’s just like Usain Bolt; if you’re running your race, yes, you should be aware of what other people are doing but you need to focus on your lane and do your race,” he said. “If someone would go to the same era, I welcome them.”

Gustavsson said the Battlefield franchise wouldn’t be where it is today without all other game makers and franchises out there.

“Since that’s what inspires us, that’s what we play when we get home,” he continued. “I think it’s healthy competition and inspiration [which] is just good for everyone. It’s not a negative. But we’ll see. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in times to come.”

EA DiCE took a risk when heading to the first WW setting but they knew it would pay off as it is rich in content both historically and the potential for a strong gaming experience. Call of Duty has rumored to return back to its roots as such will release a game very similar to World at War. Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty is ‘Healthy Competition’