If you are gonna have people over at your house and are looking for chill games to play check out this list. Best Multiplayer Games for a Party



rock band 4 15 Best Multiplayer Games To Play At A PartyThe triumphant return of the greatest music game of all time. No other game offers the same feeling of playing in a band, the same diversity of music, the same customization that allows even the most casual of gamers to play. Even if someone is afraid to pick up a guitar, they can certainly bang on the drums or sing in the microphone, or at least attempt to. Everyone knows that karaoke is one of the best party games and this is basically karaoke with rock music and skill.


rocket league 15 Best Multiplayer Games To Play At A Party

It’s not right that a game that’s basically cars playing soccer is so much fun. What is it that makes it work? Is it the feeling of blasting off with cars and smashing a giant soccer ball? Is it the explosion that occurs whenever you score a goal? Is it the idea of rocket-boosting around a match and smashing into your opponents? Maybe it’s just the funny hats you can put on the cars.


gang beasts 15 Best Multiplayer Games To Play At A Party

If you want ridiculous fun, you pick up Gang Beasts. Basically a wrestling match with cartoony characters in increasingly ridiculous settings, this game is the ultimate in absurdity. The one issue with it may be its setting- it’s a PC game, and so you’ll really have to hook it up the TV in order to take advantage of the multiplayer (it’s coming to the PS4 next year, however.) Once it’s set up, however, the four-player matches play themselves, and once friends see you all fighting on top of moving trucks, or inside a foundry, or while hanging off a Ferris wheel, they’ll want to jump right in themselves.

These are some brilliant party games for 4 players or more to play at the time, this can give your party a fun boost. If you are looking for more games like these check out the link above. Best Multiplayer Games for a Party