Best Video Games of Summer 2016

Best Video Games of Summer 2016


With Summer almost at the end we got a list of the best game this summer has offered. With School coming back and assignments flooding back in we still have time t play some of the best games of 2016. Best Video Games of Summer 2016


“We Happy Few” (Early Access):

While this game is still in development, its unique disposition, presence at the Electronics Entertainment Expo and positive reviews warrant it a note on this list.


“We Happy Few” is a roguelike adventure game available on Steam. Taking place in an alternate history 1960s England, you play as Arthur Hastings, a clerk for the Department of Truth in Wellington Wells who has recently stopped taking a drug called joy.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but everyone in Wellington Wells is in denial, and those who don’t take their joy are promptly beaten to a pulp. Arthur must escape Wellington Wells while avoiding drug-addled citizens, smiling doctors and the gentle, yet violent, Uncle Jack.


Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft, recently stuck its toes into the first-person shooter genre and has come out with the breakout hit “Overwatch.” A six versus six team-based shooter, players can choose from one of 22 unique heroes in order to blast their way to victory.

With additional free downloadable content expected in the future, including the new character Sombra and the new map Eichenwalde, as well as Season 2 of the competitive mode, “Overwatch” is a game to keep on your watch list.

“Overwatch” is available for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“No Man’s Sky”:

The universe is infinite, even more so if it’s procedurally generated. In “No Man’s Sky,” the player takes the role of a planetary explorer who has been sent to examine an uncharted universe. It is your job to find fantastic aliens, explore hostile planets and travel the stars.

This 3D action survival game managed to make a smash at E3. Plants, animals and geography are generated as the character plays the game, and, according to the game’s creators, there are more than 18.6 quintillion unique planets to explore.

“No Man’s Sky” is available for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“Batman Telltale Series: Episode 1”:

For students with a busy schedule, short games are typically the way to go. The Telltale series has been known for its episodic adventures. Players go through two-hour adventures with a variety of characters, which now includes the Dark Knight.

Choices continue on from story to story, so think carefully before you brutalize that gangster in front of a crowd. Episode 2 is to be announced, but buying the full packet ensures you’ll get all five episodes.


“This is the Police”:

“This is the Police” is a strategy game in which you take control of police Chief Jack Boyle. Boyle must control the local police force and make sure it solves the crimes in the city of Freeburg. Players must interact with the mob, the media and, worst of all, citywide bureaucracy. Trying to solve all the city’s problems, will Jack make it to his retirement?

Be the honorable police chief, or corrupt copper, you always wanted to be.

“This is the Police” is available for Steam.

“Pokémon Go”:

Given the polarity of “Pokémon,” it’s a bit difficult to miss the impact this game has had on society. For those outside of the loop, “Pokémon Go” is a simplified version of the “Pokémon” monster-catching game. Players are encouraged to walk around cities, towns, parks and other areas of note to catch these creatures using poke balls.

These are just some of the most bought and played Games of the Summer. With difference between and App game and a real Console game the status of Pokemon Go is Questionable but still fun to play. Best Video Games of Summer 2016