Bethesda Confirms Fallout 4 VR at E3

Bethesda Confirms Fallout 4 VR at E3


Bethesda has confirmed that VR Fallout 4 will be shown at E3 this Year. Officials at Bethesda have announced there will be Copies of Fallout 4 VR at E3 and People will be able to try it too. This is going to be an incredible adventure. Bethesda Confirms Fallout 4 VR at E3


“‘Fallout 4’ VR is the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in your life. You can’t even imagine what it’s like playing in VR and how realistic it looks and everywhere you turn your head. It is going to blow your mind. It is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen,” he said.

Although he is very optimistic of the VR version’s success, Hines stressed that he does not foresee it ever entirely replacing traditional gaming. “I personally don’t believe it’s ever going to be a thing where, ‘Oh I don’t play other things; I only play on VR,'” the executive added.

“Fallout 4” for VR is scheduled to arrive this year for the PC platform via HTC Vive, but Bethesda has yet to announce a specific release date. It is also unclear whether the game will be playable on other popular VR headsets including Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

Bethesda’s title is not the first video game to hop in the VR trend. As gaming fans can recall, Capcom also released a VR version of the horror-survival game “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.” The company even sold a special candle that players can light up while playing the game on VR for a more immersive experience.

Microsoft’s E3 2017 briefing kicks off in the morning of Sunday, June 11, followed by Bethesda’s presentation later in the evening.