Black Ops 3 3rd DLC Rumors and Details.

Black Ops 3 3rd DLC Rumors and Details.


Black ops 3 has released its second DLC Eclipse Just last Month, there is rumors and speculations that next month they will release their 3rd DLC for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. check details below. Black Ops 3 3rd DLC Rumors and Details.


Call Of Duty Black Ops’ 3: Next DLC Release Date Rumors & Features

Should this happen, the third DLC pack is expected to feature three new locations to explore just like the previous add-ons. Also, followers of the game want new twists as well as the features that will be added to the Zombie mode, which is one of the most popular inclusion of the past DLC packs.

Furthermore, if the add-on will be available in June, it would initially be on PS4 only because of Activision’s exclusivity deal with Sony. But Xbox One and PC users have nothing to worry about because they will also have their hands on it a month after the PS4 release. It may be late, but still the wait will be all worth it.

However, fans of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC pack may get their excitement dampened as according to Vine Report, Sony and Activision would rather talk about their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, which makes sense because the game’s trailer has also pumped up the fans.

With no release date confirmed, gamers will have to do with the previous add-on released last month. It can be recalled that the DLC added four new maps(Verge, Knockout, Spire and Rift), which the users can enjoy.

Although nothing has been officially announcement for Black Ops 3 Gamers can help but to anticipate an announcement at this years E3. When do you think the 3rd DLC for Black ops 3 will be out? Black Ops 3 3rd DLC Rumors and Details.