Black Ops 3 Best Map Strategy Fringe!

Black Ops 3 Best Map Strategy Fringe!


Here is a quick run-through the map fringe in BO3, couple f tips on the map and its layout. Black Ops 3 Best Map Strategy Fringe!



The central building in the middle of the map named Plumber Hardware is probably the best getaway option in case you’re receiving fire from either side, but make sure to toss in a couple of grenades in order to eliminate any campers inside.

In addition to this, there are a couple of multi-floored buildings along the middle pathway. You may come across snipers and a few campers inside these buildings.

Another thing to note here is these central buildings are not directly connected to the main building and you should watch out for some traps inside.

Fringe is a more expanded map than Aquarium here is when you should show of your AR and starts popping them threats from a far, Stay away from the buildings if you do not want to get in close range combat with shotguns or SMGs. Black Ops 3 Best Map Strategy Fringe!