These is a big question being asked lately, will the next Call of Duty live up to expectations? with previous COD games players always had something to look forward to but with the next COD seems people are not looking forward to Space Battles. Black Ops 3 Will Infinite Warfare Live up to Expectations? 


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Can Infinity Warfare Keep Up?

Black Ops 3 remains one of the top five games leading the global sales chart even after more than six months since its release. Alongside the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it could be considered one of the best ever installments in the Call of Duty series.

Looking at the response to Activision’s new effort in the upcoming Infinite Warfare, the developer isn’t going to outdo itself anytime soon – not when Black Ops 3 has set an all-time record for the popular franchise.

Activision has broken a record for the most amount of active monthly users in a Call of Duty game when Black Ops 3 increased its player numbers in the previous quarter against the same period last year.

This checks out with another recently discovered figure – about 85 percent of US PlayStation 4 sales in the last quarter were made as Black Ops 3 bundles, according to data from VGChartz.

It is quite clear that Infinite Warfare would not hold a candle to Black Ops 3. The next question is how it would fare against the newly announced Battlefield 1.

There will always be 2 sides to every story some people will hate it others will like it. I have no expectations for the Upcoming COD when I have it and I play it I will Know if I like it or Not, I am not the type to judge early.  Black Ops 3 Will Infinite Warfare Live up to Expectations?