Call of Duty: Sabotage DLC Release Date and More

Call of Duty: Sabotage DLC Release Date and More


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC is on its way, With Pre-order Bonus and a release date given by PlayStation Store Page. The DLC is set to be released on the 31st of January along with the New Zombie Installment Rave in the Woods. Call of Duty: Sabotage DLC Release Date and More


Sabotage DLC 1 PS4 Release Time & Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Noir: A classic three-lane map set in the deserted streets of Brooklyn. It’s medium in size.
Renaissance: A small map with a split figure-eight design. It’s meant for fast-paced action.
Neon: A Z-shaped map with long straight lines and flanking routes. It takes place in a digital urban warfare simulation.
Domination: This is a reimagining of the Modern Warfare 2 classic, Afghan. It’s best suited for ranged combat and strategic vantage points.

Like most DLC drops, we also expect this one to come with a free title update of some kind. The Blood Anvil Mission Team leaked a few weeks ago. Ergo, it’s possible we may see that feature come to fruition in the final game soon. There’s also evidence of possible weapon DLC for Modern Warfare Remastered. Those with the Legacy Edition may want to pay close attention to us for more details.

Players who Pre-order this DLC will receive a  bonus feature which  will let the Player change the Lighting in the Level Rave in the Woods. DLC out Jan 31st on PlayStation. Are you going to obtain the pre-order bonus?  Call of Duty: Sabotage DLC Release Date and More