Call of Duty World at War: What the Players Want to See

Call of Duty World at War: What the Players Want to See


Well, it seems with Battlefield’s 1 success Activision have decided to learn from DICE and bring the Call of Duty Series back to its roots. Fans have been expecting this for quite a while, taking a break from all the futuristic warfare. Call of Duty World at War: What the Players Want to See


Zombies Set In The Same Setting

The Zombies mode in any Call of Duty is always appreciated by fans. In the next game, we can expect Sledgehammer Games to introduce yet another fun and wacky installment of the Zombies game mode. Since the next Call of Duty game will be set in the second World War, fans could also be wishing for the next Zombies mode to be set in the same time period. Call of Duty World War 2 sounds like a pretty exciting prospect for the next entry in the franchise, which is why Sledgehammer Games should also carefully think on how to implement the next Zombies mode.

Gritty And Realistic

With EA and DICE’s take on the first World War in Battlefield 1, fans were treated to a World War shooter that’s unlike any other. Battlefield 1 was not only dark and gritty, but it was also one of the most realistic takes on a World War shooter. If Sledgehammer Games does intend to go back to the past, they should follow the same formula of Battlefield 1 and make things as realistic as it gets.

Call of Duty World War 2 should even go as far as focusing on a few key characters based on history. It would be a great tribute to relive the experiences of some of the heroes from the second World War.

Great Battles

It would also be neat if Sledgehammer Games also tries to simulate some of the most memorable battles in World War 2. Battle of Bulge, Invasion of Normandy, Battle of France and so many more. These battles would make for some pretty epic experiences in the next Call of Duty.

With E3 2017 is coming up, we can expect the developer to reveal the next game at the event. Since Battlefield 1 clearly won over Call of Duty last year, we might see Sledgehammer come up with a big comeback.