Creepy Pokemon Glitches.

Creepy Pokemon Glitches.


Pokemon Go has had its fair share of glitches some being frustrating at time while other are down right creepy.while you might not have experienced any weird glitches some players have and they have taking screenshots of these creepy moments.

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The Not-So-Funny Glitches


While some of the glitches that get revealed can be pretty funny, others aren’t so laughable when they hurt a Trainer’s Pokemon Go experience.

One glitch that caused gyms to pull a Team Rocket and snatch some Pokemon that were likely some of the Trainers’ favorites, a bug that resulted in the Pokemon being unusable. This glitch began with the big update that overhauled gyms, and after placing a Pokemon in a gym to defend it, the Pokemon wouldn’t actually be able to hold a spot in the gym. In fact, it wouldn’t be listed in either a gym defender slot or as an active member of the Trainer’s party. The Pokemon would be stuck between the two locations with no way of rescuing it.

Thankfully, Niantic was pretty quick to respond to this issue as well as others in the past such as those that affected eggs’ distances traveled when visiting PokeStops.

Two-Headed Houndoom

(Photo: Reddit via rickd303)

Houndoom has a reputation as being a pretty cool Pokemon with a black-and-orange aesthetic that comes complete with curved horns, but this bug takes the Dark/Fire Pokemon’s intensity to the next level.

Moving more towards a Cerberus look than a traditional Houndoom appearance, this bug causes the Pokemon’s model to be duplicated when looking at a Houndoom that you have in your Pokemon collection. Evidence of this glitch, seen above, was posted recently by Redditor rickd303.

Other users within the post confirmed that they’d seen the glitch as well, saying that they’d had luck reproducing it by setting Houndoom as a buddy and navigating to the model through the buddy feature.

Humanoid Weedle

Pokemon Go Weedle Bug
(Photo: Reddit via tttkkk)

A bug that is much more disturbing than it is funny, this glitch features a Weedle taking on some human-like features through a Pokemon-person blend that nobody should hope to recreate.

Posted online recently by a user named tttkkk, this glitch occurred immediately after a Pokemon Go player captured a lowly Weedle. After the catching sequence was complete, the Weedle didn’t fully disappear. Instead, it was replaced by a similar model that seems to have stolen the face of the Trainer who caught it. The Trainer has his face obscured since his back is turned, so we hope that he’s okay and hasn’t been turned into a horrendous Weedle mutation.

Either way, this is one of those glitches that definitely seems to get funnier the more you look at it.

Giant Trainer Models

Pokemon Go Giant Trainer
(Photo: Reddit via filthyracoon)

One of the glitches that’s seen much more often, this bug creates giant-sized models of Trainers that take up most of the map.

Towering high above the roads found on the map, this bug creates a massive model of the Trainer. Evidence of the bug has been posted numerous times in the past, but this most recent example of the literally massive but comes from a user by the name of filthyracoon.

In fact, the Trainers aren’t the only victims of the size-increasing bug. In the past, similar glitches have been reported that affect the models of Pokemon in all areas of the game, from those in a Trainer’s collection to ones that are found in the wild.