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If anyone is having trouble trying to defeat the 2nd boss in Dark Souls 3 here is a quick written guide on strategy and Tips on your way to Victory. Dark Souls 3 How to Beat the 2nd Boss 

Dark Souls 3 How to Beat the 2nd Boss 

You made it past Ludex Gundyr. With the help of a guide or walkthrough, perhaps. It was disheartening, it made you think that maybe you should just give this game up and not drive yourself half crazy rolling around some giant virtual halberd, but you did it, you made it to the firelink shrine, and now you’re in Dark Souls 3, legitimately. The High Wall of Lothric is our first real game area, with all of the decayed splendor we’ve come to expect from Miyazaki and From Software. At the bottom waits for us Vordt of The Boreal Valley. He is not pleased to see us.

Vordt is a giant knight brought low to some primitive form, slamming himself around on four legs even as he swings his mace. He has ice based attacks, and you’ll get frostbitten if you get hit too much too quickly. I’d advise you to avoid that, but “don’t get hit too much too quickly” is pretty much assumed here. He swings a giant mace fairly slowly, but he’s got a few leaping attacks that can really surprise you as well.

To start with, you’ll want the shortcut. It’s not great, as far as shortcuts go: you’ll still have to go through some enemies for each attempt. But it’s to your right as you enter the large area that contains the door to vordt. Go up the stairs, through the passage and to the lift on the other side. It will take you reasonably close to the starting bonfire.


In the first half of the fight, I had a lot of success staying in close. Far back and he gains too much of an advantage. Go right up to the guy, wait for him to swing, and roll underneath his mace. You should be able to avoid  any damage, so take two swings and roll back away. As usual, you’ll be tempted to take more than two swings, but you’ve got to leave stamina in the bank. Only use one if you’ve got a slower weapon. The first half of the fight should be no problem.

He gets a bit bluer in the second half and gains a more aggressive leaping attack. This is going to be the most dangerous thing in the fight, so keep your distance and be sure to roll when you see him coming. Roll once more after that, because he sometimes takes a swipe. The best time to attack is going to be whenever you find yourself facing his butt: he should be turning the other cheek after some of this leaping attacks, or when he starts breathing ice. Just keep dodging and you’ll see it eventually. As always, leave plenty of stamina when you attack, unless you’re about to take him down. Some of the tactics from the first half will still work, but you’ve got to be very wary of the leaping attack.

If people are having trouble with the other bosses Be sure to stay tune as I will be posting more of these written guides as they can be quite handy. Dark Souls 3 How to Beat the 2nd Boss