Do you Still Like to to Pokemon Go?

Do you Still Like to to Pokemon Go?


Pokemon Go the smash hit from Niantic had taken the world by storm hyping long time players of the series, it made 36 billion in its first week release. check out the article below and read the stories of this retired Pokemon Go Players. Do you Still Like to to Pokemon Go?


Are you still playing Pokémon Go?

  • 45% – Never bothered
  • 16% – Nah
  • 24% – Barely
  • 15% – Yeah

For the most successful mobile game launch ever, that is a precipitous drop off. It appears that for all of Pokémon Go’s charms, people seem to be losing interest. Let’s pour one out for our man, Pikachu.


The lifespan of a mobile game is short, but given the Pokémon Go’s phenomenal debut, it might be burning out faster than anyone expected. So why are people quitting? Why are they still playing? I asked a few people.

Quit playing

Adam, 31, London, Level 5

Why did you quit Pokémon Go?

I think I was mostly just excited to battle so it was dumb trying to get to level 5. I lost my first battle and the experience was underwhelming, so I kind of lost interest. Also my girlfriend got logged out and can’t log back in. She stopped playing and not having anyone to compete against made it less fun.

What would get you to come back?

Probably if people I hung out with all the time were playing. Quitting makes it sound like I am taking such a hard stance.

Barely playing

Maggie, 31, Chicago, Level 18

Why do you think you’re near the end of your Pokémon journey?

I’ve been playing the game since pretty much the beginning, and I had been feeling like within my normal routines, I had gotten about as many new experiences of the game as I could get. But this week I have been in the Renaissance Center in Detroit for work—and here I am having a very different experience.

These are just some stories of people who have stopped playing. There is still a huge number of people playing and out everyday catching pokemon. If you want to become a Pokemon Master you should be out there. Do you Still Like to to Pokemon Go?