Elder Scrolls Online: Freely Explore Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online: Freely Explore Tamriel


Bethesda shown some great features at E3 this year, One in particular which includes a Tamriel Unlimited to explore for any levels after completing the tutorial. Another Feature included was the Race you picked for you Character and the corresponding alliance. this has been now change so it is easier to team up with your buddies. Elder Scrolls Online: Freely Explore Tamriel

source: gamespot.com

Elder Scrolls Online: Freely Explore Tamriel

As Bethesda puts it, this update “delivers the freedom gamers expect from all great Elder Scrolls games–more self-determination and playing options for veteran players and new players alike.” This starts with allowing players to freely explore the entire game world, making it so that everywhere you visit scales appropriately to the level of your character. All that’s required for this is completion of the tutorial; once you’ve done that, you can go wherever you wish.

Another change that opens things up is removing restrictions on alliances. Previously, players chose an alliance when creating their character, and this would serve as a sort of barricade. Now, players can group up with anyone regardless of alliance, which should make it easier to find people to join up with to complete quests or dungeons.

Other changes include the ability to duel other players anywhere outside Cyrodiil; adjustments to loot so that it’s standardized across zones, letting you go to specific places to get certain things; and tweaks to Craglorn to make it more solo-friendly. Bethesda has also redesigned every zone “for a mix of solo and group play with improved bosses and standardized difficulty” and introduced a system that lets players of different levels take part in dungeons together.

For now this is only available on PC but will soon Console both Xbox One and PS4 on October 18th. Elder Scrolls Online: Freely Explore Tamriel