Elder Scrolls Online Update 12 ‘One Tamriel

Elder Scrolls Online Update 12 ‘One Tamriel


The Next Update for the Elder Scrolls Online is a big one, with the 12th update Elder Scrolls Creators Bethesda are planning on releasing all of Tarmiel to all player regardless of the Level. In my own opinion it is a bit of a joke it took them 12 updates to realize what the player wanted. Elder Scrolls Online Update 12 ‘One Tamriel

source: highdefdigest.com

“One Tamriel” is the name that publisher Bethesda has given to its plan to open up all of the game’s content to all players regardless of level. Much like in other ‘Elder Scrolls’ games, content will be dynamically leveled to make it appropriate for whatever player interacts with it. “One Tamriel” also lets players of all levels and alliances group and adventure together, meaning a newbie Bosmer can play the game with his friend, even if he’s a veteran Breton. PvP zones, however, will continue to be divided by alliance.

Update 12 will also introduce dueling. Whether you want to test a new loadout against a good friend or settle a score with a rival, the system will let players challenge others in honorable combat. Bethesda notes that more information about these duels will come during PAX West at the end of this week.

Other changes coming in Update 12 include altering the Craglorn area so solo players can explore its story and introducing in-game holiday events near Halloween and New Year’s.