Fallout 4 Companion GPS

Fallout 4 Companion GPS


I love the Fallout 4 companions but god is it annoying when you don’t know where they are, they might be in sanctuary hills or the castle but you don’t know? or maybe they are off in their on adventure without you just like Hancock does for me. well no more with this mod. Fallout 4 Companion GPS

source: vg247.com

When buddies go walkabout, this handy app will reunite you.

We love the companions in Fallout 4 but goddamn they can go awol at inopportune times.

This new mod from Mantiss567 is the answer to finding and regrouping with Strong, Piper, Deacon and chums.


It adds a GPS function that tracks your companion, which you can then highlight on the map similar to a quest. Simple. Now go find Dogmeat and give him a belly rub.

Thinking of picking up Fallout 4 again? This week would be the ideal time, as the first DLC is about to drop for it.

Thank God for the modding community or else our companions will be lost forever. Download this mod if you cant find your companion and it will restore your faith in Fallout 4. Fallout 4 Companion GPS