Fallout 4 Far Harbor or Bar Harbor?

Fallout 4 Far Harbor or Bar Harbor?


So the Famous Far Harbor DLC which is set to release this month for Fallout 4 is based of a real Harbor known as Bar Harbor, These is a common way to have a historical and good environment for a game check details below.Fallout 4 Far Harbor or Bar Harbor?

source: forbes.com

I have heard of worse ways to boost tourism than feral ghouls and crazed atomic cultists. Fallout 4‘s first large-scale expansion takes place on an island called “Far Harbor,” a particularly radioactive location off the coast of Maine inspired by real world tourist spot Bar Harbor, and the citizens business and boosters in the real town couldn’t be happier about it. Not only because there could be tourism upsides, but also just because it’s sort of fun. According to Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Martha Searchfield, they’re even thinking of having a party at the movie theater so everyone can see it.

“I thought it was awesome,” she said when I asked about her reaction to the game. “I think it’s a very positive, fun way that people are learning about Bar Harbor. People are learning about places, sometimes through video games, making connections and looking things up. It’s all good for us.”

Bar Harbor has plenty of locations that would work well in a video game, Searchfield says, and she and her friends have often mused that it wouldn’t be a bad place to ride out all sorts of disasters.


“Our pier, our downtown main street — we have lots of hotels and BandBs downtown,” she says. “I’m a fan of the Walking Dead, and I’m actually in a post-apocalyptic book group. So we’re always thinking — Bar Harbor is the perfect place to be in an apocalypse, because zombies can’t swim and you’ve still got access to boats and fishing.”

The real Bar Harbor, less nightmarish. Photo Credit: Stewman's Lobster Pound
By the Looks of it Bar harbor looks like a real nice place for holidays, Bethesda have based previous DLC on real sites too, such as Point Lookout is based of the Carnival in Maryland. Fallout 4 Far Harbor or Bar Harbor?