Fallout 4 Latest Updates; PS4 No Mods Yet

Fallout 4 Latest Updates; PS4 No Mods Yet


Fallout 4 will receive a new update on August 22nd, Bethesda has heard much of the complaints in the Fallout forums and they are bringing the big guns. with the new 2GB update they recommend to clean your hardrive and have space for the much needed update. Fallout 4 Latest Updates; PS4 No Mods Yet

source: gamesguide.com

The new patch notes was said to be over 2GB in size and since it is quite large, players have been advised to clean up their hard drives to create space for the massive update. Bethesda Softworks saw many complaints on its support forums and due to their desire to solve everything, it is understandable how the patch got so big.

Moreover, Bethesda relayed that other than bringing big changes, this patch will certainly improve the “Fallout 4” gameplay. Likewise, the game developers told fans that if they have been reading the support forums, then they probably already know what is included in the patch since they made sure to provide solution to as many issues that were posted.

At any rate, some of the fixes included in the “Fallout 4” 1.7 patch notes are improvements in stability and optimization, fixed crashes that occurs in certain situations like trading in the store and the issue with falling on moving structures when the game is paused has been solved as well.

Meanwhile, although the “Fallout 4” patch notes and vault-tec DLC are good news for gamers, those who are using the Playstation 4 platform are waiting for added updates especially the support modifications or the mods. Unfortunately, Bethesda Softworks is still quiet on this matter and has not released any news about it.

PS4 users have been waiting for the new mods for some time now, but nothing new has ever been revealed yet. In response to the inquiries regarding the mods, Bethesda Vice President Pete Hinestweeted that they could not give any date for its release because they need to carry out evaluation first and they do not know when this will take place.

With these huge new update we should be able to see some fixes straight away. With the Last DLC for Fallout 4 ‘Nuka World’ will be ut on the 30th of this month. Fallout 4 Latest Updates; PS4 No Mods Yet