Fallout 4 Review on Far Harbor DLC

Fallout 4 Review on Far Harbor DLC


Far Harbor is the Newest DLC released by Bethesda and it is probably the best one yet for Fallout 4, it takes you to the new Post-War Far Harbor which is filled with exciting new quests and lobster swarmed swamps. Fallout 4 Review on Far Harbor DLC

source: mirror.co.uk

A boatload of post-apocalyptic fun

Taking place on a mysterious island shrouded in radioactive fog, its gloomy aesthetic is a fitting match for its morally-grey missions.

Over the course of its 12 hour duration (which could easily be doubled in order to uncover every secret and to see all possible moral outcomes), your interactions with Far Harbor’s three main factions will force you to make challenging decisions – which will be welcomed by those that felt Fallout 4’s role playing was a bit flat

Tough new enemies are exciting to take on, with oversized salamanders and lobsters stalking the swamps. You’ll be well equipped to battle against them, with a new harpoon gun pining enemies’ heads to wherever the bolt sticks. And there’s some solid side missions too – a standout being the Fallout world’s take on a Cluedo-style murder mystery.

If Far Harbor is let down, it’s with new companion Old Longfellow, who is about as fun as you’d expect an aged fisherman from the real world to be. But that flounder aside, Far Harbor is a port well worth docking at.

If you haven’t got the Far Harbor DLC yet you should because it is packed with the best and newest  Weapons, Armor and enemies to be seen in Fallout 4. Fallout 4 Review on Far Harbor DLC