Fallout Shelter Latest Updates of 2016

Fallout Shelter Latest Updates of 2016


Bethesda mobile app game fallout shelter has been put on the spotlight a couple times, branded the best app of 2015. With the next update players will be happy to hear you can customize a room with a theme. Fallout Shelter Latest Updates of 2016 

source: gamesguide.com

“Fallout Shelter” Featuring “Fallout 4” Allegiance

In a subtle yet very keen marketing move, Bethesda has managed to incorporate “Fallout 4” in the latest update of “Fallout Shelter.” The players can decorate the new rooms based on their “Fallout 4” allegiances.
The players can choose among the four “Fallout 4” factions – Insitute, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad and Minutemen. Of course, the designs will not be easy to get as the players have to go on quests to collect recipes for the said themes to be crafted.

“Fallout Shelter” – Wasteland Has Never Been This Good

The survivors of the apocalyptic survival game will have all new quests to enjoy and partake. Aside from special and limited Holiday-themed quests, the dwellers in “Fallout Shelter” will also get a chance to find neat upgrades as they course along the Wasteland.  

Bethesda will also include in the latest “Fallout Shelter” update holiday festivities for the little humans in the vault. Appropriate themes for Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving are in store for the players who will grab the “Fallout Shelter” latest update.

Fallout Shelter is a great addition for Bethesda Installments, it add more theme and Exploration to the famous wasteland we all know about. Fallout Shelter Latest Updates of 2016