Final Fantasy 15 For Download On The PSN And Xbox Live.

Final Fantasy 15 For Download On The PSN And Xbox Live.


An update 1.15 by Sqare Enix of Final Fantasy 15 is now available for download on the PSN and Xbox Live.

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The update brings quite a few new goodies, including a full fledged bestiary, the ability to select the chapter and  the Master Assassin’s Robe for Noctis. The download also prepares for the Assassin’s festival free DLC that will be released tomorrow.

In order to get the robe for Noctis you need to acquire a Dream Egg in the Moogle Chocobo Festival.

As all Final Fantasy XV updates, it’s rather beefy in terms of download size, and it will require 4.010 gigabytes of your bandwidth.

If you want to see more of the game, you can check out the announcement trailer of the Windows Edition, and the first batch of gorgeous screenshots.

If you’re interested in upcoming content, you can check out our videos of the impressive female character creation and the one for males included in the beta of the upcoming “Comrades“multiplayer feature.

You can also read more about the Pocket Edition for mobile platforms, and the sneaky tease of a possible Switch version.

Final Fantasy XV is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, while the Windows Edition will release on PC via Steam in early 2018. The Pocket Edition will launch this fall for iOS, Android and Windows 10.