Final Fantasy XV Guide to Defeating Master Tonberry

Final Fantasy XV Guide to Defeating Master Tonberry


Master Tonberry was a character design by Square Enix and a hard boss in Final Fantasy XV, Tonberry was also featured in Final Fantasy 7 and was a hard Boss if you were unprepared. He appears in the Tragic Facts side quest in Chapter 15 of FFXV, if you are trying to defeat Tonberry and nothing is working try this out. Final Fantasy XV Guide to Defeating Master Tonberry


Tragic Facts Quest

This is an easy Final Fantasy 15 guide to defeating Master Tonberry in the Tragic Facts Quest wherein the goal is to get to the said enemy’s location and defeat him. See the following:

  • Head to the diner in Altissia to activate the Tragic Facts Quest. Talk to Cid’s friend. Then, join the 41st level hunt of Tragic Facts.

  • From the diner, go to the Ministerial Quarter Station. Search for the alleyway where Master Tonberry hides. A clue is that he only appears when night comes.

  • Master Tonberry is only at the 41st level in this location. He has 99,500 hit points and can cause big damage.

  • Pummel Master Tonberry with melee attacks to defeat him. Remember not to give him leeway on hitting back since he uses fire attacks which cause ailment burn. Do not use magic because this will give him the leeway for a counterattack.

  • If you defeat Master Tonberry, Noctis will receive three rank stars, one Mega Phoenix, and 8,360 gil. The whole team can gain 1,617 experience points and a Green Choker.

  • Steyliff Grove Secret Dungeon

    Here is another Final Fantasy 15 guide which this time focuses on defeating Master Tonberry at the Steyliff Grove Secret Dungeon which is more difficult than the one in the Tragic Facts Quest:

    • The dungeon has tons of 29th level Tonberrys. What you must fear most is Master Tonberry at the 88th level. This Master Tonberry version has 512,500 hit points and has spells such as Fire, Stop, and Instant Death. The knife he uses can cause more damage if it turns into a “lightsaber” in comparison to its knife poke mode.

    • Pack up on adequate high-level potions and phoenix downs before the battle. This could be really useful in defeating Master Tonberry.

    • Use range attacks and magic spells, and evade him as much as you can.

    • Once Master Tonberry is defeated, the team gets at least 9,233 experience points and a rare Mythril Ingot.