Final Fantasy XV How to Unlock Sealed Dungeons Guide

Final Fantasy XV How to Unlock Sealed Dungeons Guide


The most popular places to visits in Final Fantasy XV are dungeons but most of them are sealed and cannot be located so easily. This Guide is to help Player Unlock them Dungeons so they can be flooded with Rewards. Final Fantasy XV How to Unlock Sealed Dungeons Guide 


To unlock sealed dungeons in “Final Fantasy XV,” a player needs to complete all the chapters in the game. After the chapters are completed, the Menace Beneath Lucis Quest should be accomplished so the player can be directed to the dungeons’ exact locations.

Experts and gaming enthusiasts who have uncovered the secret to unlocking dungeons in “Final Fantasy XV” have some reminders for players. It is important to drop by the Risorath Basin once the single quest is started. Risorath Basin is on the eastern side of Vesperpool and this is the location where Ezma should be found.

Ezma is the character that will give the player a Dungeon Seal Key for unlocking dungeons in “Final Fantasy XV.” Ezma is a very critical character in “Final Fantasy XV.” She has the only key that will open all of the sealed doors. This is why players should make sure that they locate Ezma before pressing on.

The best thing about being able to unlock dungeons in “Final Fantasy XV” is, every dungeon comes with huge rewards. These rewards range from weapons, shields, spells, and more. The rewards can also be used for numerous quests, battles, and other purposes. The weapons include the Dominator, the Hyper Magnum, Enhancer, the Organyx, the Executioner, and the Apocalypse blade.

In Final Fantasy XV Dungeons are some of the most important places as the hold Royal Tombs, This provided the player with ROYAL Arms which are some of the best items available to the Player. Final Fantasy XV How to Unlock Sealed Dungeons Guide