Future Fallout Games: What We want to See

Future Fallout Games: What We want to See


When Fallout 4 was officially announced there was a lukewarm welcoming since fans loved the series, With Games like the Witcher 3 Dropping in the shelves before Fallout could have led to fewer sales. One thing we are sure of Bethesda hasn’t given up on their most Well Known Title. Future Fallout Games: What We want to See

source: whatculture.com

10. A Settlement System That Actually Works

fallout 4 settlement

9. More Rewarding Exploration

fallout 4 glowing sea

8. Choices That Shape The Wasteland

fallout 4

7. An Overhauled Speech System

fallout 4 dialogue.jpg

6. Larger Interactivity With Companions

fallout 4 companions

5. No More Repetitive Side Quests

Fallout preston

4. More Connectivity To Previous Games

Three Dog GNN Fallout 4

3. Non-Violent Possibilities

fallout 4 realistic damage

2. A Smaller, More Detailed Wasteland

Fallout 4

1. An International Perspective

Fallout 3

The Fallout series which is heavily influenced by 50’s and 60’s culture, In the Fallout Universe, there should be a different perspective for other Countries. to get more Information on the world you are living in. Future Fallout Games: What We want to See