Guy Recreates Famous Movie Robots in Fallout 4

Guy Recreates Famous Movie Robots in Fallout 4


So this guy decided to go and remake robots from famous movies into the Automatron DLC for Fallout 4. I must say he came really close with some but they just look like a car crash. Guy Recreates Famous Movie Robots in Fallout 4


Ripley’s power loader

My favorite film is Alien, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to roam the Wasteland with than Ripley. And of course, Ripley needs her power loader.




Ok, so I nailed the arms, but there’s no way of having a hollow body, or Ripley. Still, it’s a rather fetching yellow, no?


The problem with the power loader is that it lacks personality. Enter GlaDOS, Portal’s evil mastermind. The Wasteland’s tough enough without having to think about a psychotic robot too, so it’s probably best that the game doesn’t allow for her level of AI, but at least she’s slightly more relatable.




Nailed it. Ok, I half nailed it.

Johnny 5

Johnny 5 can come with us on a Wasteland adventure any time. His innocuous optimism should keep us pepped up and out of the mire of day to day living with radiation poisoning every five minutes.

Johnny 5

Johnny 5 is alive


Boom. If I was going for a mini fridge with arms.


Millennials (who apparently hate that name) will be more familiar with Wall-E, the cutesy last robot on Earth. Just look at those eyes.

Wall e

wall ee


Once again, I was bossing it until I reached the head – options are limited – but I think I got the hands and tracks pretty spot on.

Pixar’s movie would have been a lot less cute with this version – so for childhood memory’s sake, we relegated it to one of our furthest settlements.

The Terminator

If you’re fighting foes in the Wasteland, you don’t want cute; you want the most badass of all badass robots. You want the Terminator itself.



First draft – or ‘How YOU doing?’:



Second draft or ‘I’ve come to kill you’:



Ok, so this is as accurate as I’m going to get. The voice is pretty terrifying too.


For the last robot, I’m going mean and large and referencing probably one of the key influences of this DLC: Robocop. But rather than making the Cop himself, I decided I’d have a better shot at the ED-209.


UM 209


“You have 10 seconds to comply”

The head is domed, and the legs buff, but it’s not quite as menacing as the smooth-armored ED-209 that ripped up a (probably) marketing executive like it was a shredder. Still, the built-in gatling gun and missile launcher will keep us safe from any raiders.

That terminator robot sure looks scary I wouldn’t want to run into that in the wasteland Guy Recreates Famous Movie Robots in Fallout 4