Halo 5 Ghost of Meridian New Skins, Weapons And Maps

Halo 5 Ghost of Meridian New Skins, Weapons And Maps


The new Ghost of Meridian DLC for halo 5 might be here sooner than you think, with 343 already talking about the upcoming DLC In the next couple of months, read details below. Halo 5 Ghost of Meridian New Skins, Weapons And Maps

source: newseveryday.com

“In addition to the below maps, vehicles, weapons, skins, armors, emblems, and more, Ghosts of Meridian will include a variety of game improvements based on your feedback,” game-maker 343 Industries said.

 “These include multiplayer updates and fixes, sandbox, weapon, and vehicle adjustments, improvements to REQ Station UI performance, a lengthy list of Forge additions, fixes, and improvements, SWAT DMRs as well as a rebalance of SWAT game types within the playlist.”

The new arena, called Tyrant, is the second map addition. According toGamespot it is of Capture the Flag and Assault type, meant for small-map gameplay. Gaining control of the sniper will help teams rule.

“The idea is a forerunner structure has been struck by an asteroid and caught in an astroid belt,” the map’s official introduction reads. “This is an establishing shot to show the exterior and establish mood and lighting. There was back and forth on the structure itself so I believe the final design is different from the concept.”

Darkstar has been termed the most condensed Warzone map with plenty of cover thanks to dense structures. Pelican-dropped teams will have to neutralize an enemy that has overrun the arena.

Players can look forward to meeting two new and tougher bosses but addition of the legendary Tartarus’ Gavel and Grinder should make the fight interesting.

Not only are we getting new Maps but Weapons and Skins too? 343 your doing it right, Seriously I cant wait for this DLC to hit. Halo 5 Ghost of Meridian New Skins, Weapons And Maps